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What is Virtual Reality?

     Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment.  These seemingly real environments allow people to explore, and interact with items and other individuals within a Virtual world.



What is a Virtual Reality Escape Room?

     An escape room is a physical adventure game in which multiple players get locked in a room and have to use knowledge, clues, intuitive skills, and elements within a room to solve a series of puzzles and/or riddles.  Players are given a plot or storyline, and a set time limit in which to complete all of the challenges.  These hour long games include possibilities like escaping a prison, finding a cure to a deadly disease, or simply escaping death from a serial killer.  

     Now, imagine that same group of players in a room, except no longer being limited to physical objects or space.  Instead of an actual room filled with puzzles, clues and tangible objects, a virtual world can be anything a game designer can dream up.  Forget about looking for a key to open a door, how about making your way through tunnels and climbing up pipes on the side of a building to reach a roof where you have to disarm a bomb to save the country from a nuclear explosion?  Through the magic of virtual reality, multiple players can now team up and interact with one another in a virtual environment to do nearly anything you can imagine.  


How does a VR Escape Room Session work?

     You and your party book an appointment either online, phone, or walk-in.  When you arrive, you will be given the opportunity to choose from one of our 9 Virtual Reality Escape Rooms.  You will then be taken to your VR Zone, which accomodates up to 4 players.  An employee of Omnidome VR will guide you through instructions on how to use the controllers and headsets for Virtual Reality Games.  Once you have an understanding of the controllers, an employee will put the headsets on you, and you will find yourself in a virtual landing zone.  This is basically a virtual location where you either enter your game information, or you wait for other players to join you.  You will be able to see and hear your teammates throughout the entire session.
     Once everyone is in the game, you will have 45 mins for your group to complete the Escape Room.  Throughout the game, an Omnidome staff member will be in your general vacinity in case you have any technical issues.  Also, placed in random locations througout most of the escape rooms, are call buttons that look like phones on the wall.  You can press these phones to call a staff member, and they can assist you through your headset.
     If you finish your escape room early, your day isn't over.  Providing you have enough time, we will enter your group into an archery challenge, where you will defend your team and it's castle from an onslaught of monsters.
     When your hour has completed, an Omnidome staff member will come to your zone and remove your headsets for you.  Please do not take off your headsets on your own.  They are very expensive, and we really don't want you to have to replace them.

What VR System do you use?

     We use the Vive Pro Virtual Reality System.  

Will I get motion sickness?

     While Virtual Reality will most likely never eliminate all motion sickness, the Vive Pro VR systems have a very high resolution and very quick refresh rate, which keeps most people from getting motion sickness.  If you suffer from severe motion sickness, VR may not be for you.  However, most people who experience mild motion sickness have no issues with the escape rooms.



Can we use our own STEAM account?

     Unfortunately at this time players must use our commercial platform to play games.



What if I want to continue playing after our reserved time is completed?

     That is no problem.  Providing the next time slot is still open, we can arrange for you to continue playing at an additional fee.



Is the equipment clean?

     Absolutely!  We do everything in our power to maintain a clean and safe environment.  All headsets and controllers are disinfected after each session, and all guests are required to use hand sanitizer prior to entering the play zones.  All guests will be required to sign a health waiver stating that they have not been ill or exhibiting any symptoms.  In addition, because of Covid-19, we will also be checking the temperature of each guest prior to allowing them to enter the main portion of the building.  All guests who are not playing, will be required to wear masks in the viewing area.

How many people can be in the building at one time?

     In order to keep everyone as safe as possible during the Covid-19 outbreak, we will be limiting the number of players to 8 at any given time, and 1 guest per 4 players to sit in the viewing area.  In addition, Omnidome VR will be booking zones instead of individual stations, and we will only be offering the Virtual Reality Escape Rooms.  Our goal is to keep groups and families safely distanced from other patrons, while still allowing everyone to have a great experience.

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