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Located on Executive Plaza in Maryville IL, Omnidome Virtual Reality Escape Rooms and Arcade will provide you with entertainment like you've never experienced before.​

Omnidome Virtual Reality offers customers a wide variety of Virtual gaming options. You can choose from over 25 games to play solo, compete with your friends and family, or go online to play against people around the world. 

If arcade style gaming really isn't your cup of tea, grab a couple of your friends, family or co-workers, and put yourselves to the test with our Virtual Escape Rooms.  Before you know it, you will be fully immersed in a virtual reality video gaming world that will blow your mind!

Using the most advanced VR gaming systems, the high resolution and refresh rate greatly improves the user experience, while dramatically reducing the number of people who experience motion sickness.  Unless you suffer from severe motion sickness, you will be able to enjoy our virtual escape rooms without any issue.

With 12 VR stations, we can provide Escape Room Sessions for large groups.  VR Arcade games take up 2 stations, so we can support up to 6 VR Arcade players at the same time.  If you are on your own, that is no problem either, we are more than happy to accommodate individual players.  

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